Robin Parrott

Robin Parrott

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London, United Kingdom


Great service for students!

It is practically impossible to find a service that is going to help you with your capstone project. While attempting to complete it, I have looked through some writing services, general writing mainly. Then I've discovered this service. The quality of the stuff they do is on point and the prices are not that itchy, which is very important for students.
Lundi, Juillet 4, 2016


This website is an aboslute treasure! Back in the days when I was in the high school I didn't know that this website existed. Now, I found it great educational source with tons of cool articles and analysis of worlds most popular literature.
Lundi, Juillet 4, 2016

A place where the truth founds its place

I discovered WikLeaks not that long ago, of course I heard a lot of different things about it before. These guys made me open my eyes and stop dreaming about how nice and shiny our world is. I wish I only found them earlier..
Vendredi, Juillet 1, 2016

Do something with your online store

So as probably everyone here, I decided to go shopping online a couple weeks ago. My priority was fairly cheap brand like Zara. So I picked couple items and ordered them. Oh man..that was so loooong! 3 weeks to ship from neighbor state. OMG! I would rather get the same clothes done somewhere in China and shipped back to US in about same time. Guys, fix your shipping, or I don't even know..
Lundi, Juin 27, 2016

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