Stella Brady

Stella Brady

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I really love their service.

I really love their service. Excellent work. Thank you so much. you guys are the best. thanks for giving the best service. Highly recommend to all my friends. once again thank you.
Dimanche, Mars 14, 2021

Very worst customer service

Have been shopping with myntra for many years now and i have been a happy customer till recently. ... After so many years being a loyal customer to myntra i have lost my trust over this company. Myntra has lost a genuine customer.
Jeudi, Mars 11, 2021

The people are professional

The research paper certainly was better than the competition. The people are professional and in general efficient. JitteryMonks wrote a great paper for my psychology of religion paper
Mardi, Mars 9, 2021

Customer support is excellent and very helpful.

Customer support is excellent and very helpful. It is not the most advanced on the market and it does not have many interesting features like the most famous competitors but it does its job well. It is reliable and easy to use.
Samedi, Mars 6, 2021

MaxxSpy is an excellent choice

I think MaxxSpy is an excellent choice (the only choice) for parents with kids who have smartphone on Android. My kids are told they must use Wi-Fi when at all possible because with 10 devices in our home if we don't use Wi-Fi it gets very expensive.
Jeudi, Mars 4, 2021

Excellent service

Excellent service, ordered and delivered within 2 days, can not fault them. The laptop is of a good quality build and works perfectly. My experience of Laptops Direct was ok.
Lundi, Mars 1, 2021

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