Olivia Tenfer

Olivia Tenfer

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helpful to the consumer

The platform is really helpful to the consumer. There are classes, all of which are well planned with a very systematic development of skills. A simple breakdown of abilities is provided by the teachers. Several times, you can try an issue to give you confidence to proceed. On a variety of different things, there are lectures.
Mercredi, Février 10, 2021

doesn't buy from HP

In December 2020, I ordered an HP Envy for Christmas and have not yet received it. I was initially told that before Christmas it would arrive, then received an email stating January 2021, and now received an email stating February 2021. I'm never going to buy HP again and let everyone know who doesn't buy from HP will need their machine for work.
Mardi, Février 9, 2021


Nykaa bought liquid lipstick... Divine. Divine. Quite unhappy with the products. It is very thick and does not spread uniformly on the lips, giving the impression of paint rather than lipstick... Using SO ME already and be very pleased with it.
Lundi, Février 8, 2021


For years, I have not eaten at McDonalds. I saw an ad and recalled how delicious the fries were. Moreover, when there are no real values or specials, they have to believe they're selling gold nuggets. The fries were stale and cold. I ate about five and threw out the rest. As I believed their QC was above average, I was stunned. I should tell them that I will never spend another penny there, so that they can place that garbage in a bag. Simply put, with the expectation that others will be equally vigilant, they have won my examination. A re-set is deserved by the global beast. They're not even able to get the fries right. I'm both angry and sad.
Samedi, Février 6, 2021

not that amazing

The Gucci Open Toe Sandals... They're so injurious. They cost 600 dollars and they don't match well either. What a waste of time and money. I would think that it would be wonderful for Gucci goods. It's not that amazing because it's overpriced. My sandals don't make me happy, and now I'm forced to wear them.
Vendredi, Février 5, 2021

so of problem

Marriott charged us their service fees at our pre-discounted rates after negotiating event costs with the hotel and signing a contract (both in 2019 and 2020). This was not described in detail in the agreements or ever mentioned by their event reps. Over 2 years, Marriott's management (both hotel and corporation) would not care to resolve these problems after spending over $1 million in event costs. For $26k in disagreements, they would rather lose our company entirely.
Jeudi, Février 4, 2021

Absolutely inappropriate!

The last 4 KFC visits were Absolutely inappropriate! My last 4 visits to just chicken, original recipe, looked and tasted like it came from some hot plate at the Gas Station. Greasy, resistant and overcooked. Dark doesn't mean dark fried meat, right? What has occurred? Eatery: Cabot, AR KFC.
Mercredi, Février 3, 2021

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