Adelina Belarus

Adelina Belarus

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bad customer service.

I genuinely have never had such bad customer service. I have been on hold for over an hour and a half on multiple occasions - they do not reply to emails even though it says on their website they respond to urgent emails within an hour.
Mardi, Janvier 19, 2021

Easy to navigate the website

Easy to navigate the website. Discounts galore. Easy payment process. More shipping options than you can shake a stick at. As well as the peace of mind of shipping insurance. Not sure what else you could ask for.
Samedi, Janvier 16, 2021

After a week the watch started working.

They sold me an overcharged watch battery.nIt looked like the watch was broken and I almost threw it away.
After a week the watch started working.
Vendredi, Janvier 15, 2021

Enjoyed the sensation of warming ginger

Enjoyed the sensation of warming ginger in our body polish, lotion, and bath salt trio! Renew the body and mind by soaking in our aromatherapeutic bath salts. Next, exfoliate with gentle pumice in a cream base, then use our body lotion to moisturize with Marshmallow!⁠
Mercredi, Janvier 13, 2021

Services are wonderful.

For long, I was looking for exceptional customer service that can help me overcome my business issues. Then, one of my friends suggested Go4customer, and I must say their services are wonderful.
Jeudi, Janvier 7, 2021

Got my solution well in time

Essentially, despite my less trust in the first impression. I was well served by writer kingdom and got my solution well in time. They really have got my heart
Mardi, Janvier 5, 2021

Don't trust.

Stay away, lost a lot of money. Even now after more than a year of permanent telephone terror! Be aware of this it's a scam company lots of people have lost their money with them it's all fake don't trust.
Jeudi, Décembre 31, 2020

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