Aria Khatri

Aria Khatri

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Very Nice Experience

I had a very nice experience with Flipkart. Most electronics products are from Flipkart. I am fully satisfied with it.
Mardi, Mars 9, 2021

Power BI

Wallstreetmojo has wide collections of Power Bi articles. It starts fro basic which makes it easy for a new user. Also, they Provide Free templates.
Jeudi, Février 4, 2021


The doughnuts prepared by these guys are incredibly soft and offer a sense of freshness instantly. They have to pick from various types of donuts.
Mercredi, Janvier 20, 2021


Their waterproof mascara was truly waterproof doesn't come while washing. It's good when you cry and laugh.
Gives a nice look.
Mardi, Janvier 12, 2021

Always Best

Samsung products and services are always the best. I have phone, TV and Refrigerator. I used mobile for more than 3 yrs. It was an awesome my 1st Mobile.
Mercredi, Janvier 6, 2021


Cadbury is very delicious and yummy. It is best to eat and gift someone.
Mardi, Décembre 29, 2020

Favourite Place

My favourite place, whenever I go outing with friends, I definitely ate dominos pizza. It's tasty. Has many varieties.
Vendredi, Décembre 11, 2020

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