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Keisha Orion

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They scam people

I wouldnt even give it a single star. Their customer service is disgusting. They scam people into posting images of glamourous dresses and what you receive is something totally different.
Samedi, Novembre 21, 2020

service is perfect

I just received my dress today, the work was fine. Like many others, I was hesitant about ordering online. But the customer service is perfect too can give me full and useful suggestions.
Mercredi, Novembre 4, 2020

Netflix has better original content

It's because Netflix is a subscription service. You pay the same no matter how much you watch, so watching more in a month means wringing more value out of your subscription.
Samedi, Octobre 31, 2020

best cough syrup

Benadryl seems to help with light nausea from hormones and/or motion sickness. I usually take half a tablet(12.5 mg) at a time and it can take up to an hour to really kick cough syrup
Mardi, Octobre 27, 2020

Professional staff

I've eaten at McDonald's for a long time, I've always been treated with respect, and professional staff, some of the food might not be the healthiest, but that's my choice, they have healthy food also, the food I order has always been good, well cooked, and warm
Vendredi, Octobre 23, 2020

Good for health

To provide a large number of devices allowed advertisement for Red Bull benefit for running the best running energy drink for the body that helps to run fast no side effects are there
Lundi, Octobre 19, 2020

Good buy

Wow. I like the Anarkali suit as my boyfriend gifted me on our first date, customer service was very good, on-time delivery on our date day, product quality is better than other online stores. I wish to order more... it's the best destination for ethnic wear. Thank You
Vendredi, Octobre 16, 2020

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