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Chloe German

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I am suffering from Celiac Disease and was thrilled by the way my needs were met. I always liked the places you could be standing in during a long flight. Even the seats were more comfortable than in other airplanes.
Samedi, Avril 3, 2021

outstanding coverage

I use liquid makeup and mascara from L'Oreal. With their goods, I have always been really happy. Without caking, the liquid base offers outstanding coverage, a significant consideration for older women.
Vendredi, Avril 2, 2021

sweet and understanding

As I was out of town when it was delivered, I had a very big package stolen from the building lobby, so the delivery person never rang my particular apartment to be allowed into the building. Zara was working with me, and she knew that the shipment had been stolen and out of my reach. They gave me a full refund and every person I worked with was so sweet and understanding!
Lundi, Février 1, 2021


I was waiting for my order on Nov 17 and found the guy cooking was wearing a plastic mask, but under his chin was his face mask. He wiped his nose with his wrist when they were packaging my order, and this is when I realized he was not even wearing gloves. I was so disgusted that I wanted to quit and, on the way out, threw my order in the trash. I have contacted the head office three times and continue to be told that this is inappropriate and I even have an email saying that they are very unhappy with what happened and that someone will contact me. I just called and kept saying the same thing again... STAY AWAY FROM THIS Place!!!!
Samedi, Janvier 30, 2021

best courses

If you want to win a certificate, we can go to EDUcba with the best courses
Lundi, Octobre 5, 2020

they have the best beverages

I'm old enough to recall when Dunkin Donuts really brought DONUTS!! This week, I stopped and found on the menu a glazed Bavarian cream, and maybe a chocolate donut. I recall donuts filled with sprinkles, nuts, milk, powder sugar, and so many variations that it was difficult to select. If you have donuts in your name, you've got to have DONUTS!!! It may be called Dunkin Sandwiches, or Dunkin Salad and Soup. BRING DONUTS back.
Mardi, Septembre 29, 2020

good or strong

Boost mode is as good or strong as a corded floor vacuum and the charge only lasts 9 minutes. Mostly in medium mode, I used the Dyson and was able to clean dirt and long hair with no problem. I was also able to quickly gather gravel from the floor of the vehicle.
Jeudi, Septembre 17, 2020

new and Giant.

I had a 06 Hemi Ram that looked like a decent truck but it had lots of nickel and dime fixes. I was trading for a 13 Titan and I love my new Titan. My wife has a 05 Armada and we didn't do anything but change the oil and bring gas into it. That is the engine of a new Giant.
Lundi, Septembre 14, 2020

It works fantastically

I used it on the cloth diapers and diaper covers of 10 months old grandson. Daughter has said that the suggested detergent was Tide First. It works fantastically and we just use detergent on these.
Jeudi, Septembre 3, 2020

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