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Lucifer Morningstar

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best over the cosmetics counter

Maybelline is doing the best over cosmetics counter. Even it is accessible. Great performance. Wears late into the afternoon. Application smooth. Not too dense so it appears normal. Mascaras do make your lashes look a little longer over time. I wouldn't put anything else on.
Samedi, Avril 3, 2021

nice deal

On each of the products, L'Oreal comes with a wide range of products with a selection of colours and shades. I can still find the shade that's perfect. When using this makeup during the day, I do very few touch-ups. It remains young and good looking. For me, it works well and it's not rough on the skin. Beneficial effects on the skin. When the makeup is finished and after removing it, the skin is still smooth and nourished. It's not too expensive and the money that I have to spend on it is well worth it. It is long-lasting, which also adds to the appeal. Oh, nice deal.
Vendredi, Avril 2, 2021

great quality

I purchased other Chrome books, but were not pleased with them. HP is still of great quality, and the battery lasts. It's very robust, it just keeps going! It is my second, mostly because it was so old I replaced the first one. While working, I contributed a child in need to the school system.
Jeudi, Avril 1, 2021


As I write this, my entire transaction is not complete; my experience was fantastic, however! I contacted them about a defective backpack and a refund/replacement was the immediate response. I'm unable to complain. The woman told me to go through their online chat to send pictures when I called. They contacted me the same day as soon as I did that, as to how I wanted to get the backpack back to them. They took care of my problem ASAP and I wouldn't hesitate to do business again with them. A ++.
Lundi, Février 1, 2021

no more going

With the Covid-19 Protocols for Social Distancing and Contactless Distribution for food, payments and drink, this place does not follow through. # Covid-19???? McDonald's Texas Golden Ace. #PPE Keep the workers of McDonald's Golden Ace secure.
Samedi, Janvier 30, 2021


With its codes and outputs that are easy to learn and recall, educba makes learning so quick and understandable.
Lundi, Octobre 5, 2020

should work online

If there's an application issue. It practically takes weeks to hear back, or incentives, if ever. I called. No reply after hours. Emailed, no reply yet, weeks can pass by!!!! Since reaching out last week, I am still waiting. It's not supposed to take this long to react!
Mardi, Septembre 29, 2020

works well

For my hives and other allergies Benadryl works very well. It throws me out, though, and I have to sleep a minimum of 6 hours. I wish they made a Benadryl non-drowsy because it's pretty powerful but I can only take it at night before bedtime. Nothing that really works with my hives or allergies and all the OTC products I've tried out.
Mercredi, Septembre 23, 2020

Cheerful Vacuuming

Dyson didn't shine. But when we were offered it I was grateful for the idea. Hopefully, soon enough, when this one no longer works, I'm going to go back to the bagged type of Hoover. Cheerful Vacuuming.
Jeudi, Septembre 17, 2020

no issues

The car was covered under warranty for 100 percent, including towing. Since then no issues. Btw-Btw ... I have the rear locking differential and I think I broke it trying to pull a Ford in reverse from a swamp.
Lundi, Septembre 14, 2020

outstanding brand

I've been loyal to MAC for more than 17 years, I've never had a MAC problem. I 'd always say outstanding standard. But I purchased an oval brush and it was hard like a rock 2 weeks later. I really couldn't understand why, I only clean my MAC product brushes.
Jeudi, Septembre 3, 2020

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