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lowered its standards

In cleanliness, presentation and morality, Starbucks has lowered its standards. In the past 2 weeks, I have gone from one place to another trying to order without there being any problems. I have submitted 5 complaints from 3 different places. Complaints that stem from wiping my drink off with a dirty rag, leaving hair on my cup, taking my drink back from the hand of a customer who was taken into his vehicle while I sat behind him in my car and offered the same drink once at the window, making my drink incorrectly and instead of remaking it, the employee tries to fix it by adding ingredients through the top of the plastic top.
Mardi, Février 23, 2021

Bad service

Why do you reconsider shopping as a customer at Zara USA? In their service department, Zara USA has shown utter incompetence. I purchased six items on 11/30/20 that totaled around $300.00. The sales agent experienced a charge error on the standard machine during the order, so Alex (the sales rep) rang me on an external sales processing unit referred to as the Hypercom or FD 130. In addition, consumers now have to buy clothing items to try them on outside the store because of their fitting policy about the Covid pandemic at the Santa Monica, CA location on the promenade, as the fitting rooms are now closed.
Lundi, Février 22, 2021

customer service as bad

Good luck going online to arrange the return of an item purchased via mobile. This is the third time I have contacted HP to make a return agreement. I have never encountered customer service as bad as this with another company.
Samedi, Février 20, 2021

Clean, immediate service

Clean, immediate service, extensive menu, special lunch menu, hot food served, refills before glass was empty, not rushed to pay check and exceptional waiter.
Mercredi, Septembre 9, 2020

lov it

During a switch from one province to another, the camera was missing and I ended up buying another AA battery make through a nearby retail outlet. Though possessing more pixels, it wasn't the same and is now a backup, but I managed to buy another A430 online via eBay.
Lundi, Septembre 7, 2020

energy booster

Boots my energy like no other on the market energy drink. Nice cane shaped. Get too much gusto
Lundi, Août 31, 2020

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