Severine Davis

Severine Davis

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Best place

A favorite place to visit with buddies at all times. I love various kinds of dishes.
Samedi, Octobre 31, 2020

Not Satisfied

I think they need to improve their quality. Doesn't taste at all like Pepsi.
Vendredi, Octobre 30, 2020

Fresh flavor

I love Dunkin Donuts. Every bite has an incredibly fresh flavor.
Jeudi, Octobre 1, 2020

Powerful phone

I have ordered Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.Powerful phone.
Mardi, Septembre 22, 2020

Love filters

This is my primary source of friends touch and it is amazing.
Lundi, Septembre 21, 2020

Poor Service

I no longer feel happy with Nike products.
Mardi, Septembre 15, 2020

Not Satisfied

For my sister's birthday, I ordered a custom ice cream cake. I am not going to buy from them again.
Jeudi, Septembre 10, 2020

Amazing Site

The list of exemplary films is always available. I enjoy a lot of their movies and series.
Vendredi, Septembre 4, 2020

Good Service

I ordered the watch from Limeroad. Their delivery is too good and fast.
Jeudi, Septembre 3, 2020

Best Brand

It is an excellent cosmetics brand. I took concealer and foundation. I love this product.
Mardi, Septembre 1, 2020

Good Quality

I ordered one Combo of two sunglasses. These sunglasses are of High Quality & Lightweight. I like it.
Jeudi, Août 27, 2020

Best for Dress

I am very happy with myntra product. Excellent experience. I ordered a dress and received the package within 2 days.
Mardi, Août 25, 2020

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