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WOW, THEY HAVE SO MUCH - EYE COVER UP, PENCILS, LIP Stuff, SHADOWS, A LARGE VARIETY OF All. The eye cover-up is my favourite. Oh my god. It's fantastic... it covers a lot of ground. I've been using Mac for over 5 years and can't say enough about how much I adore it... and how well it covers so much in the eyeshadow department. It's great that I have dark circles. Fantastic, fantastic, long-lasting, superb, rich, classic, and non-greasy. On your skin, it feels smooth and radiant. Well, let me tell you, there are a lot of things out there that cost a lot of money, and for the money you spend on MAC, you get a lot more than your money's worth.
Lundi, Mars 8, 2021

saved me a lot of money

Coupons have long been a part of our family's culture. We have one child named Jonn, another named Mildred, and the rest of the children were sent to Home Depot as a punishment. My favourite are the pancakes. Make sure you ask for ketchup because it's not included with your pancake order for some reason. However, ketchup on my pancakes causes me to have a lot of gas. After eating the ketchup pancakes, I timed one of my farts and it came out at 17.89 seconds. It did, however, have a pleasant aroma. As I previously said, using coupons, you can get pancakes for less than full price! It saved me a lot of money! (Leaving the kids at Home Depot had the same effect.)
Samedi, Mars 6, 2021

It's fantastic

I enjoy shopping at the adidas store in the Freehold Raceway Mall in Freehold, New Jersey. They aren't particularly big, but every few weeks they have a sale. They also match the price on the adidas website. I adore their store; it's always spotless and well-organized, and I can't say enough good things about it. It's fantastic.
Vendredi, Mars 5, 2021

they have my favorite

I love this website and this brand. Your favourite cleats and other athletic shoe styles can be personalised. It's easy to ship and they give lots of deals, specials, and the ability to receive bonus dollars.
Jeudi, Mars 4, 2021


At my nearby Shell Station Convenience Store, I bought a pre-packaged 1/2 gallon of my favourite flavour, chocolate-chip. That night, while eating ice cream, I bit into what I originally mistook for a huge piece of chocolate. I dug around the carton after chewing and swallowing whatever it was. What I discovered (in the top 3/4" of the carton) was a dark 'off-white' segment shaped like a Tootsie Roll. It was approximately 3/8" in diameter, barrel-shaped, and around 1/2" long. I dug two bits of whatever it is out of the field and washed them in cold water. A 'dirty brown' coloured core ran the length of these cylinders, which I discovered upon closer inspection.
Mercredi, Mars 3, 2021

not get as expected

Provided that their "home inspection" and the "home inspector" paid more than originally quoted and failed to find easily noticeable issues such as: defective windows, broken window screens, unpainted doors, non-functioning A / C, non-functioning dishwasher, broken light fixtures, missing light fixtures, missing door knobs, replaced non-functioning fixtures, non-functioning garage door openers,
Mardi, Septembre 15, 2020

best veg burger

By introducing the Impossible Whopper to the menu, BK was one of the first chain restaurants to serve a vegetarian burger, and stepped up their game.
Vendredi, Septembre 4, 2020

great quality

I purchased other Chrome books, but were not pleased with them. HP is still of great quality, and the battery lasts. It's very robust, it just keeps going! It is my second, mostly because it was so old I replaced the first one. While working, I contributed a child in need to the school system.
Mardi, Août 25, 2020

recommend this course

Currently, I believe I have been lucky enough to complete this course with educba. I'm very pleased with the content of the course, the teachers, the tasks, and all the material. I wish to recommend this course to all of you. You 're going to get to learn a lot. Just make a rush! Boost your know-how.
Lundi, Août 3, 2020

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