Elena Lilbert

Elena Lilbert

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great to be adored and admired

I had a problem with my delivery and order, which a different company could only apologise for and brush aside, but Domino's Pizza went above and beyond to make me happy. It's great to be adored and admired.
Lundi, Mars 1, 2021

not in the least

Subpar and not in the least bit welcoming was the hotel room. The room was dingy and there was no lock on the sliding glass door. There were problems with the mini fridge. The rug was ugly. In the ceiling, there seemed to have been a water leak which was badly patched and grungy. Cigarette butts littered the patio with (non smoking hotel). In places around and around the hotel, big roaches were roaming about. It was the worst experience I've had while staying at a Marriott hotel for several years. I obtained a norm after sending an email sharing my experience, "Thanks for the email. For our company, this will serve as a teaching point."
Vendredi, Février 26, 2021

Taco Bell is problems.

I tried to put a very simple order: 2 burritos of seven layers and 1 big Mountain Dew. Had to repeat it loudly about 10 times and person still didn't get it, put 2 drinks instead of 1, made other mistakes. She called for a supervisor, and the supervisor lady was either under the influence or the low attitude of life, and she told me I should go. I could barely get my Visa card from them, and then put this order in another local restaurant at Taco Bell without any problems.
Mercredi, Février 24, 2021

good experience

My Terra Experience * *. She kept crucial details from me about the property that I was interested in and if I hadn't talked to another realtor who explained everything to me, I would not have been safe. To misrepresent yourself to a potential buyer dismisses trust because she has lost her customer now. If you go out with your highest self-interest at heart, you don't care about the customer or the common citizen. In the end we harm ourselves because we lose our compassion for others.
Mardi, Septembre 15, 2020

in love with it

Love The Impossible Burger, the new plant based burger. Nice tastes like a daily Whooper, very juicy, sweet and spicy. The French fries are really crunchy, and the special sauce onion rings are great too!
Vendredi, Septembre 4, 2020

long lasting

My tv is now five years old-still working very well. This was better value for the dollar at the time of purchase. The only drawback is its greater power consumption than usual, but the resulting quality of the picture was well worth it.
Mardi, Août 25, 2020

very sweet

Is smooth and the chocolate is very sweet. Walks best with a big glass of milk. A bit expensive but unlike the other chocolate bars on the market
Mercredi, Août 19, 2020

Good Impression

I am very impressed with the formating and easily understandable language which makes me feel very simple to learn.
Jeudi, Juillet 23, 2020

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