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hackerslist.co scam steal money

SCAMMERS! Do not trust them! Do not trust any positive review or shared experience you read about them somewhere. They write the reviews by themselves! It does not matter if you stick to their privacy policies. It does not matter if you negotiate everything with the site admin or if you chose the 100% guarantee option. They will stay in touch with you in a polite and professional way. But the moment you pay the money they just pick it up and you will never hear from them again.
Do not trust the reviews like "They just have some scammers on their site, but the one I had was amazing".
I contacted them to do the job sent the the admin the money,they said they hold the money until the job is done under their 72 hour guarantee policy...they took the money straight away and never replied to me!!!they use people's despair to scam them
Even when I followed all the rules and steps they scammed me.
Beware, do not pay them, do not contact them.
hackerslist.co SCAM run by BANGLADESH MUSLIMS (4-5 family members) living in Australia, Canada & NZ . They have no employees, they have no hackers. They google search famous well known hackers and create false email ids in their name to communicate with the buyers. Reviews of hackers found on website are written themselves and hackers do not exist. Some of completion dates were in the future, November dates in October.
Hackerslist.co is registered in Bahamas
Bitcoin address : 3JMXGMnDHJdUBo6K2mwkE1YiTtN3KyULwY
Try contacting them in another email id, and they will respond same way, act as if they are professional hackers.
Their SEO in Bangladesh creates many social media profiles to make hackerslist.co appear a legitimate business.
Jeudi, Novembre 21, 2019

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