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Eye-Opening Facts and Reviews of Essay Writing Services

I've just graduated from an university and - due to many UNEXPECTED occurrences in my private life - I was forced to seek professional help with my homework (mostly essays, research papers, and a final thesis paper due before my graduation). Like most of students, probably, I first used Google to find information and reviews of good example research services. I also checked on Facebook and Twitter.

Naively, I went through the best ranking websites. Their prices seemed good, about $25 per page on average. But what I got was a piece of cr@p! It was obvious the essays were not written by an English student (or professor as they claim) - it must have been written by someone who has - MAYBE - finished a 101 course in English. When I requested a refund, they refused.

A long story, but in the end I started more-detailed investigation into the two services I used. I found Essayscam.org and - as they accurately describe (at least one of the forum members did) - one of the site I used was Ukrainian, the other Kenyan. I then realized I was scammed. I didn't pursue the matter further as I was scared of their possible retaliation.

Then I used one of the recommended services and it was like a day vs night - the papers were of a very high quality and surely written by someone educated in the UK or US. Price per page was about 30% more but it was surely worth it.

Anyway, an advice for students - do not fall for the too-good-to-be-true prices or shady offers. You need to realize, just like I did after researching EssayScam, that the majority of academic paper writing services are fraudulent. Most writers are from Kenya or Ukraine too.

Be careful and do your own homework before you lose money or more. EssayScam has several excellent contributors who will answer your question or prove you right / or wrong when it comes to your commitment to a particular essay writer or a writing service. Just be open-minded and be ready to face criticism if you don't ; )
Dimanche, Septembre 17, 2017

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