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Didn't have any problem

I've read so many complaints after looking for reviews about Flightfinder. But I just wanted to leave a good review because my experience wasn't bad.

I booked a ticket from Spain to the Republic of Korea 2 weeks before the flight. I liked the interface they have for the costumers at their website, because and how it shows the details of your flight. I was sent a confirmation e-Mail with my purchase, and then I was sent another e-Mail asking me for extra information (my flight required more information). The confirmation process was quick (in an hour my flight was completely confirmed).

Then I used to track my flight status. Before the flight, Flightfinder sends another reminder e-Mail about your flight. I flew with Airfrance, and they open their online-check-in 24 hours before the flight, so Flightfinder also sent me an e-Mail reminding me that.

The only strange thing that I found about Flightfinder is that they reminded me about the first flight, but they didn't send any reminder about the flight back to Spain. Maybe that's one fix they should make. But anyways, everyone has the responsibility of knowing about their flight and track it properly.

Also, before booking ANY flight (it doesn't matter if it's with Flightfinder or with any other company), make sure to read the policy about your flight.

I've had a good experience with Flightfinder, personally. But it was just 1 flight.
Jeudi, Septembre 29, 2016

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