Softwarekeep révisé par Amanda Royce

can I find a zero

They charge you, there is no download available. I called, they hung up on me. I called again, ask for a supervisor, they hang up on on me. I call again, I swear, they warn me about vulgarity, i tell them their refund policy is unacceptable (no swearing) & ask for a supervisor, they hang up on me. I try the chat option, it was only me chatting, no reply. I email, I am told that even though the website said 11 available downloads, order now, there aren't any available product codes for my $90 purchase it'll be in my email in the next 24 hrs, I request an immediate refund, hmmm, I am told 24-48 hours for that to show up too. They suck, I would gladly pay the extra $50 to microsoft for the software I allegedly purchased, I hate being scammed. Software isn't worth the aggravation.
Vendredi, Septembre 30, 2016

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