Aquabliss révisé par Martin Williams

Simple Awful! AVOID

After them messing up a collection/deliver address to swap over an item they A) wanted £106 delivery THEN wanted another £104 because they shipped it to the wrong depot.

I found their customer service particularly unhelpful and insulting, expecting the customer to know exactly what their sales executives are seeing on their screen whilst you order. Given there was obviously a mistake they refused to take any blame for it and insisted that I pay an additional £104 for their mistake.

On top of this the re-delivery simply didn't turn up on the day(s) advised, Then when I complained I received a 2 hour slot for deliver/collection - again the driver did not turn up and blamed a faulty sat nav. I FINALLY received delivery today nearly a week later and the confused driver still expected 3 items for collection when there was only one.

Simply shambolic

Vendredi, Août 19, 2016

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