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Ordered here editing and proofreading of my personal statement. Paula, the editor, made a great work!! Along with editing the text you were so kind to add suggestions how to improve my writing in future! And all the amendments were just necessary. I can't connect with you directly, so hope, you'll see my comment here) Thanks! It was really helpful!
I joined I Love Kickboxing Saugus in November 2016. In the past, I struggled a lot with going to the gym on a consistent basis. I was looking for a place where I felt motivated to come back. Since day one I was hooked! The instructors are SO welcoming and inviting, they make it a point to know each member's name. They are so encouraging and make you feel like you can get through the work out. Also, I have an autoimmune disease as well as arthritis and I have found the instructors to be super understanding and always willing to offer modifications. They truly care about their members as whole people--they care about your interests, what's going on in your life, your career, your family, on top of your physical well-being. I highly recommend this studio to anyone who's looking for a great workout AND a community that truly cares about one another!
i buy a lot gadget from geabest they ship quick and product are very great
"I have been wearing wigs for 5 years and this is the best wig I have ever had.
This is amazing hair.All my friends like my Wig. Even a total stranger told me I was beautiful. "
Ne commandez surtout pas! manteau décrit comme cuir et simili commandé taille XL reçu taille S ! de plus de très mauvaise qualité...pas de cuir??? et fabriqué en chine!!. pas de mail de confirmation de la commande, 6 mails envoyés pour signaler l'erreur et demander le remboursement ... des réponse vous arrivent rédigées dans un Français incompréensible!! pour finalement vous dire que l'adresse où renvoyer l'article se trouve en Engleterre et en plus à vos frais qui ne sont pas bons marchés!! la cerise sur le gâteau c'est que si le colis n'arrive pas à bon port et en bon état, vous ne serez pas remboursé!!!. après tot ça vous baissez les bras et vous l'avez dans le Baba comme on dit.
Ordered about 8 items, seven identified as "in stock" when I placed my order. After about 2 weeks hearing nothing I emailed to ask when my order was going to be shipped. I was informed that almost everything on my order was now back ordered, that their company policy was to not ship anything until the entire order was complete, and that 2 of my items were not expected for another month. I guess they either lied about the items being in stock when I placed my order or they sold them while they were waiting for the one item that was out of stock. They "kindly" offered to ship a partial order if I paid double the already exorbitant shipping charges (about 33% of the original order total) . Believe me you're making a big mistake if you decide to deal with these jerks.

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