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Well, honestly speaking, i did not like your work. I made an order and it take 4 days more then the decided time. Also i did not like your customer service. You need to improve your service. Please consider it as an improvement to your services.
I wanted to surprise my husband with a concert of a life time ... we do not have the funds to go to them nor the time. Planned this three months in advance. Paid hundreds of dollars for front and center seats, albeit up a ways in the stands, for good view and the sound quality. What we got was same row, but in probably the worst seats (area) that one could sit it. They responded by telling me that those seats were just as good if not better than the ones we thought we were buying. Have they been to that arena?!!! I doubt it. I was so disappointed that I cannot even imagine using this place for anything else down the line. Luckily, my husband was able to get some pleasure out of just listening to the music itself. BTW, the couple in front of us and the one sitting next to us did the same thing and got the same result. NEVER AGAIN!
Todas las compras muy contento, nunca tuve ningún problema, desde luego página más que recomendada. Lo último que adquirí fue una mochila xiaomi, y llegó en un periodo de tiempo muy corto. 100% recomendable.
I have many orders thru gearbest and every time i have a well service and best price for ordered items.
I love going to ILove Kickboxing Nashville!!! It's an awesome place to get to know other people that have the same fitness goals that you have as well! The staff is awesome and they're always available to offer help. If you're skeptical like I was at first, just try it out and you won't regret it!
Website looks great , clothing looks great - glad I read other reviews but thought I would buy 2 items to try out. Took over 4 weeks to arrive after having to email them, 2 dresses are quite poor quality with labels stating one is cotton when it is a polyester and elastane mix with the other claiming silk where its poly!
Sizing is awful - I know its Asian sizing so I bought larger but one still way too small and the other too big! Having said that I actually like one of them despite it not being like the photo.
Just glad I didn't spend more money. It is a dodgy set up all round

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