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I've ordered a research paper for my project. In 3 days received 12 pages of the unique text with a lot of references and sources. It has schemes and charts as well. The customer support is very supportive and attentive.
I am pleased with the service I got.
No matter what subject you want, JitteryMonks can do a great job. I have used their services for 3 subjects including English, History, and Mathematics (all part of my Gen Studies). Every paper looked like it was created by an expert in that field.
I had used the services of BoomEssays earlier and they did not get the rubric right at all. There were too many mistakes to overlook. Even if the content turned out well, without the right rubric, I lost out on my grades considerably. Had no such problem with JitteryMonks. The writers follow instructions to the T.
This little number is a great cut with a great colour. I got the Glazed Strawberry which is very blonde in the front. It is very flattering and everyone likes it. There is very little sideburns and it does not cover my natural ones. The memory cap is an average and it is slightly too big. I can fold it up at the nape of the neck like a pair of jeans and it fits better.
Mes amis et moi avons l'habitude d’acheter nos vêtements sur Floryday car chez eux la livraison est rapide et on vous livré exactement ce que vous avez commandé. En plus les prix sont bien bas.
I like writing, the creative one. But not the research paper writing, so I assign this part of the job to this service.
The last time it was physics, so I didn't know anything about it, I sent the task to the service and got my 91/100. Well, considering my grade, this service does the job great :)

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